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Career after

Career after - Enhance your career opportunities after to level up your career

Career after

After exams many times we end up with a lot of confusion on career after You need to deal with a big question – what are the career options after

Because just completing a graduation is not equivalent to a great career. One needs to have a great knowledge and best degrees to stand out smart and to face the competition in every field. So you need to choose a right course after Since you are a commerce student the propensity is towards accounting sector. There are also good options available in finance sector for finance courses after There are many other career opportunities are available in different sectors.

For graduates one of the best career is in Accounts. Becoming an Accountant is very important role in the company. Because, every company require an accountant to keep a track of financial position of their company. You need to have practical knowledge, analytical skills to become an accountant. Only theoretical knowledge is not enough. As a fresher most of the company will think before hiring you. Even they may not hire you at all, as you don’t have experience. So, for every B.Com student it is a big question how to get job in accounts after

You do not have to worry; you just need to make your right choices on selecting a course or a degree after to enhance the chances of getting employed in good companies.

The second most common career after is finance and investment analyst. Finance professionals work in careers such as investment banking, wealth management, financial planning and analysis. Somehow, finance professionals accounts base should be strong so here you need to understand Accounts & finance both the field are interlinked. Job opportunities in finance sectors are comparatively low than Accounts, because in most of the mid-scale companies finance related work is allocated to Accountant. Main employers in Finance sectors are banks and Corporations. If you are looking for a career in finance then you have to work harder to stand out smart to get employed in big corporations.

There are degree and certified courses in finance which will take you at good level with good package.

As an Auditor you need to verify financial statements of the company. You have to work with several clients and companies and it includes travelling too. Most of the employers have made it mandatory for auditors to have degrees such as CA, ICWA. Otherwise basic requirement to become an auditor is bachelor’s degree in commerce.


For the smooth running of the business company needs administrative support and that support person is called as Admin Executive. To become an Administrative you should be good in numbers, written and verbal communication skills, excel, capable enough to learn new software. As a admin person you are responsible for various clerical & organizational job. Many companies are ready to hire undergraduates for the Admin profile as it requires interpersonal skills more.


In operations people are responsible for the production scheduling, quality control, staffing, and inventory control. Usually it is more identified with the manufacturing process. So if you are planning for career in operations management. or MBA in operations management are qualified to apply for jobs in operations.

HR- Human Resource

Choosing career in HR after is also a great choice. The only thing is you need to have good verbal and written communication skills. HR job requires more analytical skills. Being a HR you always deal with Induction, Recruitments, Payroll, Lots of documentation management. If you want to become HR manager you must get minimum 4 years of experience and do MBA in HR it will increase your chances of becoming a HR Manager.


If you want to have a career in sales, you need to have two very important skills. 1st is Patience and 2nd is communication power. Sales department is very important in the company because it is directly related to the production or service of the company. You will definitely get higher pay scale but you will have to work under pressure. If you are ready for that you can select your career in sales and become a sales executive or sales manager.


A Marketing is considered as the most essential part and it is responsible for company growth. No matter whether it is a small scale business or limited company, marketing elements will be able to help to make an impact and to sustain business in market place. In today’s world Digital Marketing is fastest growing industry. There are plenty of opportunities in marketing you just have to focus on your skill improvements as per industry requirements. There are Degree courses available such as MBA in Marketing and PGDM in Advertising. Apart from that you can go for certified courses on Digital Marketing to focus on practical skills development.

As graduates we have choice to select between Degree and Certified Courses. First we need to understand the difference between Degree Diploma Courses and Certificate Courses.

PG Degree and Diploma Courses

Best PG degree course will add value to CV. It will help one during job hunting. Master’s degree or PG degree will grab the attention of employer because after graduation we can pursue Post Graduation Degree courses like

MBA (Masters in business administrations)

Most common advised course after is MBA. You have to choose your specialization to pursue MBA then you need to clear CAT exam and CAT score will decide you are getting in to which college. A good MBA career is depends on the credibility of the college you get in. So remember you have to work hard for CAT exam.

MCOM (Masters of Commerce)

Masters of Commerce degree is commonly pursued by many graduates. You do not have to give any entrance exam to get enrolled for the MCOM degree. It will help you master the concepts you learned in

CA (Chartered Accountancy)

Chartered Accountancy is one of the best career options after Exams are conducted by ICAI (Institute of chartered Accountants) and mandatory to clear three levels- CPT, IPCC and Final CA along with the internship of 2.5 years makes you Certified Chartered Accountant. You can become a Tax Advisor and can open your tax consultancy or CA firm. CA can be done immediately after 12th means you can start appearing for CA levels right after 12th.

CS (Company Secretary)

To become a CS you need to study corporate laws. You have to clear 3 levels Foundation, Intermediate and Finals. Company Secretaries are responsible for managing legal aspects of company.


If you are planning to go global then international certification will be best suitable choice for you.  CMA (Certified Management Accountant) and CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), CPA (Certified Public Accountant) these are the globally recognised qualifications offered by IMA, CFA and AICPA institutes respectively. These are the highest competence courses in the accountancy field globally.

These are the post-graduation degree courses options available after These degree courses on an average take 2 to 3 years duration period.

Best certified courses after B.Com

Certified courses are more focused on specific skills, we can also call it as professional specialized courses. Certificate shows that you mastered a particular skill related with a job requirement. For example Accounts profile job needs to have a skills of tally ERP software, SAP software, GST laws and E return fillings. These requirements of a company we can fulfil by getting trained for certification courses such as

PACT- Practical Accounts & Taxation Course.

Common problem faced by fresher’s is that they need to have some work experience for better opportunities in accounts filed to apply for job after Without relevant experience fresher’s are left with career options in back Office, sales, data entry operator. So if want to deal with these problems go with PACT, PACT+SAP FICO course. These certified professional courses after are well researched and designed as per industry requirements. It covers all aspects of Accounts and taxations such as Accounting Standards, Finalization of Accounts, Income tax, TDS, TCS, GST, Payroll, Audit, Excel.

Financial Modelling

A Financial Modelling is a basic requirement if you are thinking about making career in finance sector. Financial modelling is the best course in finance and IBA is known as one of the leading training institute in INDIA who provides Accounts & Finance Courses.

Digital Marketing

If you are creative and have good command over English language you are good to go for Digital marketing course. There is a huge demand for creativity and talent by companies. Digital marketing is one of the best courses considered because Digital Marketing is one of the trending industries right now. IBA’s Digital Marketing Practical training is designed to give you on job SEO, SEM, SMM training, email marketing, content writing, PPC, web designing and so on. You can choose from job roles like DM manager, DM Executive, Content writer, Search Engine marketer and much more.

ERP, QuickBook, SAP ERP, Oracle

Apart from technical skills companies look for software skills in candidates. So doing certified courses along with software trainings is the most essential part to show the companies that you are expert in both skills. Companies use ERP software’s to maintain their company records such as financial records, employee records, tax return records, recruitment records, inventory records and so on. Most of the MNC prefer SAP ERP software so one must get training of required SAP Module. There are several modules in SAP – SAP FICO, SAP SD, SAP MM, SAP HRM etc. Some mid-scale companies use other software’s such as Tally, QuickBook which fulfils their requirements of recording financial transactions. These software’s are limited to record financial transactions of the company. After pursuing PACT course along with Software trainings will be added advantage for you.

Advance Excel and VBA MACORS

Excel skills are the common mandatory requirement of job. Learning to confidently operate Excel with analysing skills means you are adding high value to your employability. VBA is the big solution for handling repetitive tasks. If you choose to be an accounting expert, data engineer or financial analyst then you will encounter much more complex issues that will drive you to improve your skills. Certification course of Advance Excel and VBA in IBA will give you real problems to practice, so that you can be incorporated with the professional skills.

Do you need guidance on which course is best after Please speak with our experts who can guide you on best courses after

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