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Accounts upto Finalisation​

Finalization of Accounts is a very important process which followed in every company to close the company’s Financial books of accounts in every financial year.​


TDS is necessary to know by every earning person. Companies are liable to deduct a certain percentage of tax before making specified payments. TDS is very important tax require by organisation.

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SAP FICO helps companies to generate and manage financial statements for analysis & reporting which is useful in effective business planning & decision making.

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FEMA is a set of regulations which empowers RBI to pass regulations & enables Govt. of INDIA to pass rules relating to foreign exchange in tune with foreign trade policy of INDIA.

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GST Course

GST practical training as per new finance bill 2023 covers all the practical aspects right from the registration, all laws, it’s implementation, compliance & enforcement up to return fillings.

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Ind AS or Indian Accounting Standards govern the accounting and recording of financial transactions as well as the presentation of statements such as profit and loss account and balance sheet of a company.

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IFRS- International Foreign Reporting Standards makes important element involved in international trade which has major impact on economy across the world.

Accounting audit analysis and financial budget planning

This course focuses on a conceptual framework that is applied by audit professionals to assess, evaluate and manage audit risks and evidences. It includes Audit Standards.

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Income Tax

Nearly every individual and company needs to pay Income tax and they turn to an outside help when it comes to file the return, hence It is very essential for all of us to understand the IT laws.

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Financial Modelling

Financial model is built with respect to the company specifications and then the decisions are taken as per the results of analysis.So Financial modelling has huge application in the business world.

Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing is very important to identify comparable transaction to test the arm’s, length price. Transfer pricing is the number 1 tax issue face by many MNC’s.

Payroll Management

Payroll Management is the administration of the financial record of employees’ salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, statutory deduction and many more.

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