ONLINE TRAINING The most powerful tool of Education

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Online Training or E Learning or Distance learning is the top learning development trend of 2021.

Online & Classroom Training features

Some of you are still confused  between which mode of training is suitable for you? then lets have a look at its features


  • More suitable for young school & college children as they need social interaction
  • Movement from one place to another needed to attend lectures
  • Less cost effective as compared to Online Training
  • A lot of social interaction
  • Difficult to manage time for self up gradation specially for working people


  • It can be taken up by any individual Students, office goers, housewives too depending on their comfort and availability.
  • We access the lectures from any place which has internet connection.
  • Very cost effective as it saves time and fees are less as compared to classroom training.
  • Live personalised interaction
  • Working peple can save time on travelling & efforts.

Online Training Benefits


Do I need to be online at specific time?

No, all the lectures are immediately accessible once you sign up. You can watch the lectures at your own pace & comfort.

Can I speak with trainer ?

Yes definitely you can note down all queries and will arrange online conference to resolve your doubts & queries.

What do I need to watch the lectures?

-You can watch the lectures on mobile but to solve case studies you need a Computer or Laptop because we need to solve & practice live projects.  You need a internet connection & earphones(optional)

What if I am busy and can not login to attend lectures for few days?

No worries, we are in touch with you during our whole course duration, you can communicate your concern on mail. 

Is How to ask questions & doubts ?

Yes definitely you can ask questions by using comments features, and you will have 100% online support from student care department so you can call & mail us on the specified contact details given to you on enrollment.

Will I get certificate when I finih the course ?

Yes, You will get certificate after course completion.

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